Self portrait 2020
Adria Nicole is a maker of art, music, and magick, who desires to create work that is infused with the love and positivity she is determined to share with the world.Adria Nicole is a 2014 C.A.T. Institute Fellow and the recipient of a RAC Artists Support Grant Award in 2015. This versatile singer/songwriter has performed as both a lead and background vocalist, stretching her talents across many genres of music.Adria Nicole began playing ukulele in 2011 and since then has been sharing the gift of ukulele through teaching others to play. In 2012, she founded Uke Go Girl!, a 501c3 nonprofit for girls that provides free ukuleles and supplies, as well as instrumental, vocal and songwriting instruction. Adria Nicole's paintings and photography have been featured in various publications including Ultraviolet Underground's Purple Magazine and as the cover art for the first edition of the novel Scars. Her current mixed-media work is focused on fanciful human representations existing within reimagined natural and man-made landscapes.